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New York

Day 5

sunny 24 °C

Sorry for the late post!!!

Day 5 was easily the best weather we had in New York. After an early breakfast, we headed onto Manhattan where we wandered around the Chelsea area, along the famous piers. Some massive yachts! Then it was to Ground Zero to try and catch a glimpse of ol' Obama. What an atmosphere. Hundreds of americans crowded the streets surrounding the site, cameras poised, all waiting patiently (mostly!), to see the man they all seem to love and adore so unanimously. After about an hour, all we managed to see was a convoy of about 20 vehicles and a flash of his black wagon! It was still great to be there and feel the mood, which I'm sure the news couldn't capture.


After 5 days of walking the streets of New York we felt like we deserved to retire to Battery Parks and lie in the sun, have a hawt dawg, take in our last views of the Statue of Liberty and relax for a couple of hours. We both even managed to catch a bit of sun on our faces which the Americans were hugely entertained by!!


We then headed back to the hostel to pack up our wordly goods and head to a meet and greet to meet our new friends for the next month. Being from the UK seems to put us in the minority as there is a lot of Ozzies but everyone seemed really nice!! Then we had our final meal in New York. After enjoying it so much the night before we decided to head back to Chinatown where yet again we had a great meal and fitted in nicely using our TWO chopsticks!!

Have both had a great time in New York and are excited for the upcoming leg of our travels........ Next stop Boston!!

Simon and Louise xxx

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New York

Day 4

rain 15 °C

Rain rain rain!

A perfect day for the museums! We headed to the New York Museum of Natural History, and ended up spending half the day there! I think everybody else had the same idea too as it was packed! Lots of animals and critters to be seen, as well as a realy cool dinosaur hall, with a T-Rex skeleton.


After that we caught a subway into town, where we found an Irish bar showing the football, and we caught the last 15 mins or so. The 'soccer' seems very popular over here, as it was mostly americans in the bar watching it.

By the time the football was over the rain had finally stopped and we decided to head to Chinatown for tea, via Little Italy, which is almost totally enguled by Chinatown, for an italian beer. Chinatown is the second largest in the states, and the spine of it is made up of one central street with many branches. We had heard that a street called Mott St was good for food, so we headed there, and looked for the restaurant that was fullest, not with tourists, but with chinese people! The place we finally chose was unbelievable. Excellent seafood, and cheap, which is a real bonus in New York! Bobby and June would be so proud of us using our chopsticks like locals!!!


We were so full from the chinese experience that we decided just to head back to Brooklyn and have a lie down! We've decided to get up early tomorrow and hopefully go and catch President Obama's speech from the World Trade Center site.

(not many photos due to the rain!!!)

Night all xx

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New York

Day 3

24 °C

After waking up with fuzzy heads from the Comedy Club, we decided to make our way to the Statue of Liberty. We got the free Staten Island ferry to get the best (and free) views of Lady Liberty. Was surreal to see her and was great to be out on the sea. Instead of hopping back on the ferry we decided to wander around Staten Island and stumbled across a 9/11 memorial. Everywhere you are in the city, there is always 9/11 at the back of your mind and this memorial only showed that.


When we got back to Manhattan we got some lunch and sat out in Battery Park, was lovely sitting out in the sunshine with the views of the Statue of Liberty in front of us. We then hopped on the Brooklyn tour bus to continue to make the most of our hop on hop off bus passes. It was impressive to see how big Brooklyn was on it's own as a borough and saw some great sites including the set of the Cosby Show and some brilliant views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

DSC_0147.jpg DSC_0155.jpg

When we got back we went to Pier 17 and sat out in the sunshine to have a few beers and have a brilliant seafood dinner. We capped off our evening with a stroll back to Times Square to see it in it's prime, by night, and have a slice of the famous New York Cheesecake.



I think the cheesecake has topped us off therefore it's another early night so we can make the most of our last few days in New York.

Louise and Simon xxx

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New York

Day 2

overcast 17 °C

Day 2 started off with the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, so after a HUGE breakfast, we changed our plans and headed straight for Ground Zero. What a place, and what a day to be there. We first went to the World Financial Center, where you can get a good view of the entire 63 acre site. The mood here was sombre and you could really feel the atmosphere. After this we headed to the opposite side of the site, which was absolutely engulfed with people! Many TV news crews lined the streets, flanked by locals, tourists, police officers and firefighters. Such an amazing sight. We walked past every TV camera in the hope of getting on the news, so keep an eye out!!!


After Ground Zero, we hopped on our bus tour, and did the uptown loop, which included upper east and west, and Harlem. This was good to see, but not as exciting as the downtown one. The best bit was Harlem, where we saw the sites that many famous black people did a lot of good work, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Satchmo and Martin Luther King.


Our busy day continued with a knee-trembling trip to the top of the Rockefeller Center. 67 floors high, for some of the best views of New York, and beyond. From here, you could realy get a sense of how big the city was, both long, and high!


We finished off the day by heading to a famous comedy club, called The Comic Strip. 10 comedians played, and were all really funny. The stand outs were the co-writer of The Chappelle Show, and also Chris Rock's cousin! I have photos with both!!!!!


Lots more planned for the week, so keep checking back!!

Love Simon and Louise xx

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New York

Day 1

sunny 17 °C

After a nice lie-in, we took the L Train to manhattan where we strolled up 6th Avenue to Central Park. We enjoyed a nice horse and carriage ride and then a wander through the south-side of the park. What a wonderful place to be on a sunday. Lots of New Yorkers enjoying their day off in the sun. Lots of frisbees and american footballs being thrown around! Also stumbled across the CPDSA, which stands for the Central Park Dance Skate Association!! The weekly roller disco was in full swing, and very, very funny to watch. All sorts of characters were to be seen, from 5 year olds to 70 year olds!


Next we got passes for a hop on-hop off bus tour, which we can use until Tuesday, so lots of touring about to be done til then! Today we took advantage of the Downtown route, so we saw all the famous buildings such as the Empire State, the Rockefeller, Ground Zero and Time Square.


After a short subway trip back Brooklyn way, we had tea in a cool wee bar on a street called Bedford Avenue. Definately a place where we'll do more exploring! Early night, so as to be ready to take our second bite out of the big apple tomorrow!!

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