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Cleveland & Chicago

Day 15/16/17

sunny 24 °C

Sorry for the really late update. Our busy days don't leave much time to do anything but see sights and sleep! Coupled with the fact that the wifi is getting worse as we head into the wild west, our contact with home is getting sparse. We're still having a ball though!

After another early rise, we finally waved goodbye to Canada, and crossed the border back into the States. Our next stop was Cleveland, which was more of a stop over on the way to Chicago, but did have the one big attraction of the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. We both really enjoyed this, but unfortunately photos weren't allowed to be taken, so not much to show! A whole history of modern music really, condensed into 7 floors of facts, sights, sounds and memorabilia of all the greats. We spent the night in a local bowling rink and treated ourselves to a nice early night. What a treat!


Our next port of call was The Windy City, Chicago. After a long drive, we got to relax a bit, before hitting a White Sox game. What a truly American experience. It was so much fun, as quite a lot of us went, and we had good seats. Unfortunately they lost, although the hot dogs, popcorn and beer made up for it!

DSCF7067.jpg DSCF7072.jpg

Our free day in Chicago got off to a start with an architectural tour along the river, learning all about the buildings and some of the activities that took place in them, such as the doings of the infamous Al Capone. The rest of the day involved mostly shopping, and a walkabout on foot to see the remaining sights. The highlight of this was probably the Millenium Park, which is home to a huge reflective ball sculpture (see below!). Also, we had lunch in the first EVER McDonalds. This was pretty cool!





Our final night involved an infamous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza. This was possibly the biggest pizza we have ever seen and even Simon only managed to eat 2 slices!! We then went to the top of the Hancock tower for a drink and to see the city from the sky at night which was awesome. As a few people left our tour in Chicago to make room for more, we had a night out in Chicago which involved a few drinks and a lot of beer pong!!

Next stop Madison.......

Simon and Lou xxxx

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Day 12/13/14

sunny 22 °C

Sorry for the late entry guys but internet access has been a bit sketchy over the last few days.

After a long bus journey we safely arrived into Toronto. The skyline of the city was awesome to see when we were driving in with the CN tower standing tall amongst the ever familiar sky scrapers. The bus tour came up trumps in Toronto and we were treated to staying in the Hilton hotel and that night we had an included meal there. After weeks of slumming it, we felt like royalty!

We started our first day in Toronto with a trip up to the top of the CN tower. At the top of the tower there's a glass platform with views down to the ground which was pretty scary. The views from the top of the tower were brilliant and was a great way to see the sheer scale of the city laying on the edge of Lake Ontario.

DSC_0503.jpg DSC_0523.jpg

After the CN tower, we went along to the Hockey Hall of Fame where Simon was in awe to see all the hockey shirts and artefacts of the NHL. We got a chance here to take a shot as well as be a goaltender and Louise has never been so proud to beat Simon in one sport!! We then wandered around the city for the rest of the day to see the sites and shops including the infamous Hooters Bar. After weeks of group meals we then decided to have date night in Toronto and found a lovely restaurant with no pizza or burgers in sight!!

DSC_0533.jpg DSC_0539.jpg DSC_0583.jpg

The next day we were heading to Niagra Falls. When we got up we were greeted with the sound of heavy rain. Things did not look good from the outset. We battled on through the fog and mist to the falls. It was annoying how poor the visibility was but when we got on to the Maid of the Mist it was still incredible to see and hear the sheer enormity of Niagra Falls. The town itself was a very strange experience and a stark manmade contrast to the natural wonder that lies below it. We had booked to go on a helicopter tour but unfortunately that was cancelled due to the visibility. This did not hamper our experience, especially when Simon found a Dave & Busters.

DSC_0597.jpg DSC_0598.jpg
Next stop back across the border to the US for Cleveland.....


Lou and Simon xxx

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Day 10/11

sunny 24 °C

After a morning of travelling, we arrived in another french-speaking part of Canada, Montreal. The whole bus was very excited for one of the optional extras, which I think the entire bus signed up for - jet boating on the St. Lawrence River's famous rapids! What a trip! Probably our favourite extra so far. It involved driving a boat into massive whirlpools and waves and slamming it in different directions to get the entire boat soaked. So much fun, however the laughing meant that Simon swallowed half the river!!


After drying out and enjoying a well deserved hot chocolate we headed to the hotel, and had yet another quick turnaround before heading back into the city for dinner. After tea we were treated to a ghost tour around the Old Port area of the city, which was quite good, and helped alot by our hilarious guide. Our busy day meant the need for a big night's sleep!

The next day we got on a cycle tour around the city, which was a great way to get about, while getting some much needed exercise after all the big portions over here!! The weather was really nice and we enjoyed lunch, and a stroll in the sun. We had an included dinner our second night, which was really good. I think the cycling took it out of everyone, so it was off to bed again before an extra-early wake up call to hit our next destination on time - Toronto!!


Night folks
Simon and Lou


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Day 8/9

sunny 16 °C

A growing trend on the trip is VERY early starts, and the trip into Canada was no exception! One of the longest travel days on the whole tour, we got settled into our seats, put in our iPods, and tried to pass the time anyway we could. Our stops on the trip up included our first Wal-Mart experience. Everything really is bigger over here. You can get 1 kilo bags of Skittles, a gallon of Gatorade, and a rifle!!

A quick stop at the border, then we were in Canada. We haven't seen any moose though yet! We arrived at our hotel for another quick turnaround, then out for a group tea at an italian restuarant. A welcome break from burgers and french fries! Most of the group stayed out in town and had a good night in one of the local clubs.

Our free day in Quebec city was really good, with bright, sunny weather. We got a guided walking tour of the city included, which was brilliant to hear about all the different influences which make up the city that's there today. Louise is loving the opportunity to show off all her french! The city is really different from anything we've seen so far, and there is a real french/european feel in the people, the architecture and the food.



That night, our included meal was a trip to a french-canadian restaurant, for a bit of a knees-up! Louise even pulled out her ceilidh dancing!! It went down a storm with all the Aussies!! For dessert we got to roll our own maple syrup sticks.

Another early night, as Montreal awaited us!

Simon and Lou


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Day 6/7

sunny 14 °C

An early start from our meeting point in New York was met with lots of weary eyes and yawns, as we encountered our fellow passengers for the first time. Boston was to be the first destination, with a few stops along the way for a leg stretch, and the chance to grab some lunch in Providence, Rhode Island. This was a nice, small city, which is best known for it's Ivy League school, Yale.

We got into Boston at around 3pm, where we had a chance to relax and refresh before heading into the city for a spot to eat. We had tea at a really funny restaurant called Dick's, where all the waiters are rude to you, and act grumpy, and almost throw your food at you. It was a good ice-breaker, and a chance to chat to the other travellers.

After dinner, we went out for drinks, in a really busy bar right next to the Boston Bruins stadium. This was no ordinary night however, as the Bruins were playing in the NHL play-offs, for the chance to close the series out 4-0 against the Philadelphia Flyers. They did it, and the whole area erupted!! What an atmosphere! Simon reckoned that it was nearly better than waiting for Obama.....Louise didn't agree!!


Saturday morning was welcomed in with group hangovers, and a guided tour round Harvard university, or 'Hahvahd' as the locals call it! (pics above) This was really interesting, yet Louise was somewhat disappointed to learn that Legally Blonde wasn't actually filmed here! We then headed into town, and joined a hop-on, hop-off trolley car tour to see all the most famous sights of the city. This was brilliant, and we had a really funny guide which made all the difference.


A quiet dinner, and early night capped off our Boston experience. Definitely a place we will be recommending to others. Next stop, Quebec City.

Simon and Louise xxx

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